Meet Reem

My Lord, increase me in knowledge. (Quraan 20:114)

My background

I am a native Arab from the land where the Arabic language originated, Yemen. Throughout my life I have lived between the UK, the Middle East and Asia. At present, I am living in Qatar with my husband and 3-year-old daughter, who by far has been my biggest teacher.

I have been teaching Arabic for over 8 years to students in the UK from all over the world whose first languages were German, French, Bulgarian, Urdu, Hindi and Darjah to mention a few.

Besides teaching Arabic, I have worked in multimedia, communications and interpreting. I am super passionate about practicing mindfulness, yoga and leading a healthy lifestyle. My heart skips a beat for all things creative, be it crafting, painting, illustrating or any form of art.

My philosophy

I wholeheartedly believe that the best of teachers are the greatest students themselves. I am a lifelong student of knowledge and love learning new subjects.

Arabic is a beautiful and complex language. It is challenging, especially at first, and this is why I have developed a personalised curriculum that focuses on functional language, making it is easier to understand, practice and learn independently.

I am a Cambridge CELTA qualified English language instructor as well, and this has equipped me with transferable teaching methods that I apply in my every day teaching of Arabic. I have also trained and qualified as a medical interpreter from Weill Cornell Medicine in Qatar.

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