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Welcome to Arabic with Reem, where you can find out about me and my online Arabic teaching services. I taught Arabic in the UK and Qatar before moving to the UAE, and with online teaching there is no longer a barrier to learning this beautiful language.

I teach Modern Standard Arabic, which is the the universal standard today. My students have come from all walks of life with different motivations, some wishing to learn for travel and tourism; for business purposes; for relocating to an Arabic speaking country or for seeking to better understand the language of the Quran.

If you have any question that isn’t answered on here, please feel free to contact me directly.

The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you. (B.B. King)

My Arabic Courses

Why learn Arabic with me?


As an Arab who has lived across the region, I recognize the subtle differences in dialects but the foundations of Arabic are the same in all forms of the language. I teach Modern Standard Arabic, which is functional in all Arabic speaking countries.

Tailored Curriculum

I have developed a unique curriculum that I believe to be ideal for beginner to intermediate levels. When developing my courses, I evaluated curriculums being taught in some UK universities and in centers across Egypt and Qatar.

Available Globally

I have a teaching schedule that runs throughout the week (Sunday to Thursday) with dedicated slots for online bookings and group courses. Wherever you are in the world, I will try my best to provide a suitable time slot if possible.

Perfect for Beginners

I teach beginner to intermediate Arabic and many of my students follow this learning path from start to finish. If you are not sure about your current level, please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Flexible Access

I am always exploring the latest methods for improving the educational experience of my students. I am currently using professional video conferencing software, which allows you access classes via smartphone, tablet or computer.

Expat Friendly

You can feel comfortable with my courses as I have been living as an expat for many years myself. I am familiar with the every day language requirements an expat might expect when moving to an Arabic speaking country.

My students say…

I had additional Arabic lessons with Reem in preparation for my final year Arabic exams at Oxford University. The lessons were just what I was looking for – to boost my confidence in spoken Arabic in particular. Reem is a conscientious teacher who responds very well to the individual needs of her students. I felt a real benefit from my lessons with her and went on to get a first in my Arabic exams, including my highest mark in spoken Arabic. Thank you Reem!

EmilyOxford, UK

The class was perfectly paced and pitched. It was very informative, credited largely in part by Reem’s teaching style, which was accessible and engaging. Shukran!

LisaDoha, Qatar

My daughters and I studied Arabic with Reem, both Tajweed and Grammar, and we found her not only to be a thorough tutor but also a delight to be taught by. I found her method of teaching very methodological and thorough, as she made sure we understood a rule before we moved on to the next. She has an easy going demeanour that made each lesson a pleasure rather than a chore. Our Tajweed improved dramatically for which I am ever grateful.

SamiraLeeds, UK

Great pace, clarity of voice and dialects. Excellent notes to take away, very patient and supporting. Reem was the best teacher I have had since being in Qatar.

JohnDoha, Qatar

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